Humidifiers Improve Air Quality, Fight Flu Bug

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Humidifiers Improve Air Quality, Fight Flu Bug

Ready or not, here comes winter. Unfortunately, tagging along with the colder weather, snow and ice is the onset of the flu season, which torments families from coast to coast. There are many ways to prepare for the flu invasion; including eating healthy, exercising often, washing your hands regularly and heading to your local clinic for a flu shot. But another preventative tactic we bet you have not thought much about is your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ).

IAQ is essential in promoting family health and can help eliminate viruses, germs and other allergens from your home. Last month, we discussed air filtration and its importance in enhancing IAQ, so this month let’s take a look at how effective humidification can improve IAQ and help keep the flu bug away.

Cooler and drier air is a hallmark of the winter season, and this often leads to low humidity issues in your home. These problems include the propensity for airborne viruses to thrive, so it is good to know that humidification slows down the spread of airborne contaminants. Low humidity in your home can also cause other health issues; such as dry and cracked skin, sore throat, and aggravated respiratory ailments. Wood furniture may be susceptible to warping (Oh no, there goes grandma’s antique piano!) due to low humidity, and it can also cause separation in wood floors and cause molding around windows and cabinets to crack and gap. And don’t forget those nasty little static electricity shocks that catch us all by surprise.

A good way to address low humidity problems in your home is to install a whole house humidifier. Whole-home humidifiers are connected directly to your home’s ductwork, enabling the efficient spread of clean, humidified air throughout your home. Another consideration is that properly humidified air makes you feel more comfortable at a lower temperature, so you can set your thermostat lower and see a reduction in energy costs.

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