Why HVAC Installation Day is so Important

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Why HVAC Installation Day is so Important

As you read this, many of you are thinking about football. There are countless games over the long Thanksgiving weekend. Some call football the ultimate team sport because success depends on everyone working together. Even star running backs and quarterbacks can’t win games by themselves. Everyone else has to do their jobs.

Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing wants you to know it’s the same when it comes to heating and cooling your home in Waterford, MI and all of Oakland County. You can buy a shiny new HVAC system but if the company you’re working with doesn’t install it properly you won’t win the heating and cooling game. A poor installation means a new system won’t reach its full potential, and your home won’t be as comfortable as it should. It will also cost you money because your monthly utility bills will be higher than they should be. It’s why Kotz calls installation day the most important day in the life of your new HVAC system. [link to installation video]

When you do business with Kotz your successful home installation will start long before the workers show up at your house. Our knowledgeable comfort consultants will help you choose the right equipment. It takes the knowledge of experts to assure proper sizing of your new system. It’s the only way to be sure the conditioned air will reach the various parts of your home quietly, and at the temperature you expect. Our Kotz technicians routinely find improper installations. These are some of the common problems:

  • Improper airflow/circulation – The result is uncomfortable rooms and a system that has to work harder driving up energy costs and shortening equipment life.
  • Refrigerant system not properly charged – As simple as it sounds, too many installers don’t follow manufacturer specifications in this important ste It reduces the cooling efficiency of your air conditioner, and it can also cause long-term damage.
  • Leaky ducts – Did you know central systems can lose up to 30% of their efficiency as the conditioned air moves through the ductwork? Common problems are leaks, uninsulated ducts, and poorly designed systems.
  • Installation shortcuts – Some companies will try to cut corner by not installing critical components. The results can be your new system will be destined for premature failure.

If we can no longer repair the furnace in your Clarkston, MI home, call Kotz right now to find out how easy and affordable it can be to replace it with a new Trane HVAC system. Currently Trane and Kotz have these special limited time offers:

0% Financing for up to 72 months on qualifying systems


Up to $1000 Trade-in allowance on qualifying equipment

So, make sure to win your personal game and keep your home and family comfortable year-round. Choose the toughest and most reliable heating and cooling systems from Trane and trust the teamwork of Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing to make sure your new HVAC systems are installed properly and operate at peak efficiency.