Water Filters vs Water Conditioners for Clean Water

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Water Filters vs Water Conditioners for Clean Water

One of our goals at Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing is to give good information to our wonderful clients in Waterford, MI and the surrounding area. One bit of confusion we are worried about is the number of people who don’t truly understand the difference between water conditioning and water filtration.

Popular misconceptions

Some homeowners who have water softeners seem to believe they provide clean water that is healthier. Unfortunately, that’s definitely not the case. A water softener, or any sort of water conditioning, is designed to make your life more comfortable. Not to protect you against the health risks of water contaminants.

Understanding hard water

Hard water is not a health hazard. By definition it is water that contains a higher than average amount of dissolved solids, most commonly calcium and magnesium. This can make the water taste bad, make detergents and soaps less effective, and leave behind mineral deposits on fixtures and inside pipes. Most U.S. water sources are considered to be hard.

How water softeners work

One way to describe a water softener is being like a chemical magnet. The water softener salts chemically interact with the water, removing the calcium, magnesium and other dissolved solids and replacing them with salt. But water conditioning is all it does. The conditioned soft water is no safer or cleaner than the hard water.

Filtration, filtration, filtration

This is how you assure your Waterford, MI home of having clean water. A high-quality water filter removes particles and contaminants like chlorine, chloramines, and harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Only a few years removed from the Flint water crisis, no one knows the risks associated with contaminated water better than Michigan residents.

Multiple choices

Kotz offers multiple options when it comes to water filtration options. Some filters are designed for a single fixture, for example your kitchen faucet, to assure clean water for drinking and washing dishes. There are also whole-house filtration systems that clean all the water used in the kitchen, bathrooms, or washroom.

Call us first

Water softeners and water filtration are just two of the comprehensive plumbing services available from Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. Call to find out how we can provide the increased comfort of soft water AND the health benefits of a clean water supply for your Waterford, MI home. To get more great information about what Kotz can do for you be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter