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It seems like humidity is only a topic of conversation during the hot summer months, but air that is too dry also causes problems. In fact, proper humidity level might be the most-ignored factor in home comfort and healthy indoor air quality. No one likes dealing with static electricity caused by dry air, but truthfully those shocking experiences are a minor annoyance compared to some other problems caused by low humidity levels. Kotz Heating Cooling & Plumbing can help you attack the problem.

Whole-house humidifiers

Kotz is a big believer in whole-house humidifiers featuring a full range of products by Aprilaire, the industry leader. A whole-house system requires minimal annual maintenance. You set it once and it keeps your entire home at a set humidity level. The water supply comes from your plumbing system, so you never have to fill it or worry that it’s not humidifying. A whole-house humidifier is very quiet and generally costs pennies per year to operate.

Portable humidifiers

These are commonly available from many different retailers, but they come with several disadvantages. One concern is that portable units don’t have precise controls so they can make the air too humid leading to mold and mildew concerns. About the only situation there are good for is if your only goal is to humidify a single room.

Healthy humidity

What you may not realize is dry air is unhealthy air. Research shows the flu and other viruses are more likely to spread when the humidity level is low. Experts say the ideal level is generally between 40% and 45%. Dry air also causes dry & cracked skin, sore throats, and respiratory issues.

Damage to wood

Dry air can also damage your home, especially hardwood floors, trim, and furniture. When wood gets too dry it cracks and warps. Musical instruments, pianos, guitars & violins for example, are also sensitive to dry air. A humidifier can protect your investment.

Saving money

You know how moisture in the air makes a summer day feel hotter. Well, proper humidity levels will make your house feel warmer during our dry air season in the winter. When the house feels warmer you can set the thermostat a couple of degrees lower and still be comfortable. This will cut your heating bill every month.

Cold weather & condensation

Our cold winter weather is also a factor in determining the correct humidity level in your Waterford, MI house. When a cold snap hits you must adjust a whole-house humidifier to make the air a bit drier. While 40% to 45% humidity is ideal, it can cause damaging condensation on windows and sills when the outside temperature drops into the single digits or lower. Making the air a little drier during those times will help.

Kotz is ready to help

Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing has been providing comfort you can count on in Oakland County, MI since 1929. Call to learn more about the importance of proper humidity levels as part of the indoor air quality in your home and the best solutions for you.