Benefits of a Water Softener Here in Michigan

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Benefits of a Water Softener Here in Michigan

Even though recent studies of drinking water in the Oakland Township Michigan area have deemed it safe to drink, maybe you’re still unsure about the overall quality of your home’s water source. Or perhaps you don’t think it tastes or smells quite right. This is where a water softener could be a great investment for your home.

No need to worry. Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing has information and solutions on water softeners to help you decide the course of action to take to have the best water for you and your loved ones. You’ll be able to stop spending hundreds of dollars of money on bottled water. You’ll also eliminate the need to be concerned every time you do a load of laundry wondering if this is the load that gets ruined by nasty water.

How Water Softeners Help Your Water Source

There are many benefits to having water treatment with a water softener in your Oxford area home. Some to consider are:

  1. Too hard water can cause a nasty smell like rotten eggs in your home. With a Kotz installed water softener you can get rid of the smell and enjoy running water again. 
  2. Enhance the taste of your water with water treatment by a water softener. By removing contaminants and minerals that make water hard, your water will taste like fresh spring water in no time. 
  3. A water softener will not only reduce the amount of detergent you need per load, but the clothes will come out cleaner, too. The water test performed by Kotz before choosing your softener will determine if there are any contaminants like iron that need specific water treatment to further improve the outcome of wash day.
  4. Better general health can be yours with a water softener. Water that has a lot of minerals can be hard on the human body over time. With water treatment, the exposure to these specific contaminants can be greatly reduced and you’ll likely notice softer skin and hair. You may even benefit from a decrease in the occurrence of skin rashes or dandruff. 
  5. Less wear and tear on pipes are also huge benefits to having a water softener installed. When corroding contaminants are removed from the water flowing through them, pipes are less likely to have premature breaks and leaks. This also includes the pipes supplying appliances like ice makers and boilers used for heating. 

These are just a few of the reasons to have a water softener installed by Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. Providing Comfort You Can Count On since 1929. Schedule an appointment today with one of our qualified technicians.