Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

Service Overview

It has happened to you again, a clogged drain. Who are you going to call? The “drain busters” at Kotz Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, of course! Our professional plumbers in Waterford, Michigan, are ready to tackle all of your drain cleaning needs. We have plumbers standing by when you need the best drain cleaner.

It can happen any number of ways. Maybe one of the kids accidentally flushed a superhero figurine and clogged the toilet. Maybe it was too much grease, too many times and now there’s a blocked drain in the kitchen sink. Those type of clogs/blockages are more than a minor annoyance. Our professional plumbers in Rochester, MI can usually locate and fix the problem quickly.

Let’s talk about the kitchen sink first…

If it’s a recurring problem, it may be time to consider a new garbage disposal. Kotz features the Insinkerator brand name. The Badger 5 model is a great choice for most homeowners.

As part of a plumbing service Kotz can also treat your kitchen drain with Spartan Consume Eco-Lyzer®. It’s an enzyme-based, ecologically sound, drain cleaner that can break down the solid material in the drains.

There can be much more serious blocked drain situations…

… with the potential to cause damaging backups. Many homes need some form of a lift station to get waste out of the home because the main drain pipe is below the grade of the outside sewer pipe. If the pump can’t do its job, for whatever reason, the raw sewage backs up into the home.

Kotz plumbers can fix the problem with a new, whole-house “grinder” pump manufactured by Zoeller, the industry leader. It’s called a grinder because it pulverizes any solid waste preventing blockages.

Our emergency plumber…

…can even use a video camera to locate any problems with the home’s main drain or sewer line. One really cool feature is the camera includes a locator, or beacon. It allows us to locate your sewer line and mark its path through your yard. It makes it easier for a contractor to locate the line before doing any needed sewer cleaning.

After Kotz clears your drain we give you a 30-day guarantee that it won’t clog again. In the case of replacement work you will receive a 1-year warranty.
We know a plumbing emergency or major repair can put a big dent in the household budget. For any project costing more than $500 Kotz can work with you on various financing options including 6 months same as cash with no interest charges.

Don’t let a blocked drain get you down. The Kotz drain busters are just a phone call away.