Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Renovation

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Kitchen Renovation

Everyone knows kitchen remodeling is expensive, but a lack of money doesn’t have to stop you from making improvements. Even modest kitchen renovations can give a new look to your existing kitchen. Our staff at the Kotz Showroom is ready, willing and able to work within your budget to make it happen. Here are just some ways to freshen things up without doing a complete remodel.


New countertops can completely change the look of your kitchen. Maybe your house was built before stone countertops became all the rage. Or maybe you just couldn’t afford them when you bought or built your home. Adding granite or quartz will be an investment, about $50/square foot is considered mid-range, but no single change can give you a new-look kitchen so quickly. Come to the showroom to see the many styles and colors available.

Faucets & fixtures

If you’re happy with your countertops, you can still change the appearances with an elegant new kitchen faucet and sink. Kotz features only name brand faucets and fixtures. Names you can trust like, Kohler, Delta, Moen, Grohe, and many more. Much of what you will find in the Kotz Showroom is professional grade which you won’t find in the big box stores. And if you are still thinking stainless steel and porcelain are your only choices when it comes to kitchen sinks, think again. There are many unique styles and materials to choose from.


New cabinets are another way to dramatically change the appearance of a kitchen, without the expense of a total remodel. The cost of kitchen cabinets varies widely based on material and style. Kotz is confident there is a style out there you will like at a price range you can afford. If total cabinet replacement is out of the question, there are other choices. Consider replacing just the cabinet doors and drawer fronts. They can improve appearance without replacing the entire cabinet. Even dramatic new cabinet hardware, handle pulls & visible hinges, can make your kitchen look much more modern.


The kitchen is a high-traffic area and over the years the floor can start to look pretty worn and tired. If the budget can stand it, replacing worn vinyl flooring with ceramic or stone tile will dramatically improve the appearance and add to your home’s value. Recent improvements have also made wood laminate flooring a practical choice.


New light fixtures are a pretty easy and economical way to change a kitchen’s appearance. Just keep in mind, we’re not talking about rewiring to move outlets and switches which can get expensive in a hurry.

Keeping the same basic layout

Talking about wiring is a good way to segue into what a kitchen renovation is. To us, it means changing features, but not the design layout. If your plan includes moving plumbing or extensive electrical work, it’s closer to a kitchen remodel and is going to get much more expensive.

Design help

Whatever feature you decide to change in your kitchen, our designer Sarah Kennedy is in the Kotz Showroom ready to help. She has more than 15 years of design experience to call on and will work with your ideas and budget to make your dreams a reality.

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